The Boma Project

A plan was hatched by the environmental authorities to reintroduce new lion into Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park. As parks borders had been fenced off to keep humans out and animal in, there was no longer a chance of nomadic males entering the reserve and boosting the gene pool of the resident prides. The last introduction of lion was decades earlier.

With proper planning it was vital that the introduced animals would be kept in an enclosure for an extended period of time to enable them to climatize themselves and to ensure their health before being released into the park. The existing ‘boma’ hadn’t been utilized in years so a lot of work was needed before the new residents could be accommodated.

The Forever Wild Foundation was asked to financially assist in the boma’s resurrection as it was outside of the Parks budget. We stepped in and were thrilled to be part of the operation. From the electrified fencing, to the water supply, to the clearing of years of re-growth within the enclosure, we were able to assist. The final touches were only completed minutes before the lion arrived in Zululand.