The Cheetah Update

cheetah on dead treeIn the wake of the disappointing assessment of cheetah numbers within the Park, Ezemvelo KZN Parks and ACT Wildlife Monitoring reached out the Forever Wild Foundation to assist in acquiring new cheetah as a breeding nucleus.

cheetah next to treeIntroduced animals have to be ‘lion savvy’, meaning that they have to be raised within an area populated with lion so that they inherently associate lion with danger. Because of this criteria young females come with a hefty price tag from private sellers.

By December 2017, with the financial and material support from the Foundation 6 individuals were sourced, collared and released into the Park. In March I was thrilled to accompany ACT monitors to check on one of the young females. We spotted her on a ridge looking very regal.

In 2018 we are looking to purchase and import a further 4 individuals to further our aims at restocking the gene pool. Invaluable work for future generations.cheetah chasing impala