The 2nd Lion Introduction

lion in pickupFollowing the successful introduction of the three brothers into the Hluhluwe side of the park, a plot was hatched to do the same for the Imfolozi. Historically the park consisted of two separate areas, demarcated by a tar road. Although the fences have been removed and both have fallen under a single administration, the toad still acts as a territorial boundary for the lion prides.

lion in bushIn November 2017 a pair of brothers were sourced from a private reserve within the Kalahari. Once again the Bateleur air services assisted us in transporting the drugged lions to the airstrip in Hluhluwe town. They were loaded into vehicles and delivered to the ‘boma’. Once again the parks veterinary personnel took samples, fitted collars and performed a barrage of health checks.

A couple of weeks later, once the monitoring team was satisfied that all was well and that the lions were fit, healthy and acclimatized, they were released into the park.

Reports to date paint a very satisfactory picture. Both introduced coalitions are healthy and fit and enjoying the company of the resident girls. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will see the fruits of our endeavors.