Endangered Wild Dogs of Southern Africa

On the 14th June 2011 the successful collaring and release of a pack of 13 endangered wild dogs took place in the Mkhuze National Park, South Africa. The collars were sponsored by the ‘Forever Wild Foundation’

The magnificent endangered  wild dogs of which only 500 remain in the South African wilderness .


The wild life co-ordinator and vets check that the equipment is all on hand before they begin the process of darting the dogs.



Andy carrying one of the drugged dogs to the collaring area.



Andy helping to remove old collar before it is replaced with the new one.



The vets Ryan and Maryanne inoculate the dogs with rabies vaccine before reversing the anesthetic.



One of the dogs with it’s new collar.



The dogs regroup at a ‘safe’ distance after the collaring is completed.



The team stands at the gate of the ‘Boma’ after the job is done.  The dogs have been captive in this enclosure for close on two years.



The dogs made a kill on their very first day of release.  They had never hunted before as a pack.