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We are invloved in several projects in and around South Africa in an effort to bolster and support thinly spread resources.

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"The greatest threat to the survival of species is the assumption that someone else will save them."

As the pressure increases on our environment from both loss of habitat and the financial means to protect it, so does the need for concerned groups and individuals to assist as custodians. As much as poaching is a huge concern to our protected species, so is the management of the existing gene pool to ensure healthy and effective populations.

The Foundation, working alongside the National Park authorities and environmental groups has achieved a great deal in the relocation, reintroduction and the management of carnivore populations. It is our wish to be part of this very worthwhile project whilst continuing with our logistical and material support for existing programs.

This foundation would not be in exististence if it were not for the many benefactors and supporters that have joined us in our quest. We are an international foundation and our projects affect the entire planet.

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Who Are We?

Forever Wild Foundation was formed by Andrew Bone in 2014 with the first project being the relocation of a pack of endangered Wild Dogs. The triumphant success of this project as lead to the foundation becoming involved in numerous other wildlife projects.

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